Quality of HONMA

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Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture is HONMA's production base, where 360 craftsmen are enrolled.
With a common goal of making the best golf clubs in the world,
We combine the best craftsmanship, the latest technology, and high-quality materials in our daily research and development.
It takes about 100 craftsmen and about 6 months to complete a new model, and it undergoes strict inspections every time.

[Quality of HONMA]
iron manufacturing process

1. Design
Designers design according to the model concept by feeding back various scientific data.
Valuable opinions of contracted pros who actually compete on the tour are also fed back by the professional support team and used in the design.

2. Mold
In pursuit of functional beauty, the shaping of irons begins with the shaving of master models.
Precise design using CAD is basic, but the last "one job" is
After all, nothing beats the hands of a craftsman who knows everything about clubs.

3. Iron polishing
Polishing craftsmen will grind it to the shape imagined by the designer.
For the irons used by professionals, we ask them what they want, and use our accumulated experience to sharpen them to their ideal shape.
Normally, only professional and some order items are supported.

4. Plating
Plating is carefully and skillfully applied to each iron head at the factory.

5. Polishing
The entire iron head is perfectly polished to HONMA standards.

6. Insert the grip
A grip that is aligned with a sensor and accurately inserted by machine.
However, at the end, the craftsman checks the direction of the shaft with his eyes and makes adjustments.
This is HONMA's way of not relying only on machines.

7. Welding
"Align" the mark on the shaft with the orientation of the head.
The machine that joins using laser light is HONMA original.
HONMA clubs are made with a variety of ingenuity, such as making use of the advantages of machines.

HONMA will continue to do everything possible to pursue perfection.

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