MIURA" - The Challenge to Create the Ideal Golf Club

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Miura Giken was born in February 1977 in Ichikawa-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo Prefecture, near the current company building.
At the age of 34, Katsuhiro Miura began his challenge to create his ideal golf clubs.

After the establishment of the company, he has been involved in OEM production of various models from domestic manufacturers, as well as original irons for tour pros and top amateurs.
and original irons for tour pros and top amateurs.

However, the conventional manufacturing process of purchasing forged products, grinding them, and completing the finished product was not efficient enough to produce the ideal golf head.
We repeatedly requested forged golf heads with the desired specifications from forging companies, but they would not accept our requests.

At that time, many cavity-back irons were being introduced by domestic and foreign manufacturers.
In April 1994, Katsuhiro Miura decided to create his own brand of head parts, "MG Original Heads," in order to pursue the ideal iron head he had in mind.
In April 1994, Katsuhiro Miura launched the "MG Original Heads" series, a head parts brand, in order to pursue his own ideal iron head.

The lineup started with four series of irons and three types of wedge heads.
It is true that there were many difficulties in launching the brand at a time when the concept of head parts for irons did not yet exist.
However, the product was greatly welcomed by golfers who were not satisfied with ready-made golf clubs and who wanted golf clubs that suited their own swing.

Yuka Saso won the US Women's Open in 2021.
It is also used by Tiger Woods and Adam Scott, a world-class player.

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