Golf ball "MY HANABI H2" born from the pursuit of "flying"

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This time, we would like to introduce the golf ball "MY HANABI H2" with unusual dimples.

The feature of "MY HANABI H2" is that it uses oval dimples instead of the round dimples of a general golf ball.
This dimple is not only designed, but also shaped to reduce air resistance.
As a result, in addition to increasing the flight distance, the side spin is also reduced, which improves straightness.

The manufacturer's development concept is as follows.
"MYHANABI H2" has been changed to 3 pieces while keeping the "non-circular dimples" that reduce air resistance and improve straightness.
Pursuing the skill of Japanese craftsmen and Japan quality, it became MADE IN JAPAN.
In addition, the feeling becomes softer, and women and seniors with slow head speeds can also feel the increased flight distance.

How about that.
An original golf ball created by a Japanese manufacturer.
Not only performance, but also design will attract attention from other players.


By the way, this "MY HANABI H2" has 3 color variations.
Why not take your favorite color as one of your golf gears?

"MY HANABI H2" can be purchased from the following.

- Product Details -
Product name: MYHANABI H2
Type: 3 pieces 2 cores + 1 cover
Spin: low
Feeling: Soft
Ballistic: Medium trajectory
Adaptation HS: All areas
Cover material: Ionomer
Official: R & A / USGA
Color: white silver, pink silver, yellow silver
Ball No: 00/11/77/88
Manufacturer: HANABI Co., Ltd.
Distributor: GM Co., Ltd.
Country of origin: Japan

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