Now on Sale! !! BRIDGESTONE TOUR B X / XS 2022 model! Until June 17th!

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Hello, this is Kazuhiro.

Gears Yamato is currently holding a sale. All products are 30% to 20% off.
From this time on, we will introduce golf balls, which are our recommended products, four times!

The first is the "BRIDGESTONE TOUR B X" and "BRIDGESTONE TOUR B X S" models from Bridgestone.

Both models are balls that have been developed with a focus on "ride".
"Riding feeling" is to suppress slipping on the face at the moment of impact on approach shots.
The time when the spin is applied is defined as "ride feeling", and the longer this time is, the better the "ride feeling" is expressed.

The new TOUR B X / XS is a model that pursues this "ride".

Famous professional using strong flying "Tour B X"
 Jason Day and Bryson DeChambeau

Famous professionals using "Tour B XS" with spin and soft feel
 Tigar Woods

Both models have color variations of White / Pearl White / Yellow / Corporate.
There are 4 colors. Corporate is 30% off for $ 61.98!

Click here to purchase!

For a limited time (until June 17th), please take this opportunity to purchase it!

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