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hello! This is Kazuhiro.

This time, I will introduce myself.
I am the management staff of the car parts shop "JDM Yamato", which is a sister store of Gears Yamato.
I launched JDM Yamato about 7 years ago, and last year I launched the golf and outdoor specialty store "Gears Yamato".
Currently, we sell only golf equipment, but we plan to make a lineup of camping gear in the future.

So much for the store introduction, I will describe my hobby, golf.
I started playing golf about 15 years ago and enjoy playing once or twice a month.
The best score is 76 and the average is around 85.
It's been difficult to escape from the intermediate level, but I'm struggling to improve my score!

Japan has a very comfortable climate from April to June.
Meanwhile, yesterday I enjoyed playing golf at the Okura course of Tojo no Mori Country Club in Hyogo prefecture.
It was a chilly day with a strong cold wind due to the influence of the cold front, but the weather was good and it was a good day for golf.
However, the score was not so good, and the result was 87 ...

My club settings are as follows.
・ 1W: Srixon Z745 / Miyazaki TOURISSUE Blue 6S Flex S
・ 3W: Srixon ZF45 / Miyazaki TOURISSUE Blue 6S Flex S
・ 3/4 / 5U: Srixon ZH45 / N.S.PRO Modus3 Tour120 Flex S
・ 5/6/7/8 / 9I: Srixon Z745 / N.S.PRO Modus3 Tour120 Flex S
・ P: Odyssey White Hot OG # 2. 2.

And today, I took care of the club.

GearsYamato also operates a Facebook page.
If you are interested in Gears Yamato, products, me or Japan, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for the reading :-)

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