I went to Camping Gear and Accessories Shop "Alpen Outdoors"!

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Hello, this is Kazuhiro.

Now, camping is one of my hobbies. Today, I visited Alpen Outdoors, a shop specializing in camping gear and accessories. The shop I visited this time is the Namba Parks Shop in Namba, Osaka. This store just opened on June 24, 2022. Located in central Osaka, so the store is not that big, but it is large enough for an urban setting.

Products organized by brand (Logos, Snow Peak, Soto, DOD, Mont-Bell, etc.) and category (Tents, Foods, Campfires, Lighting, etc.) are easy to understand and appeal to customers, as well as increase customer tension. It also offers demonstrations of tent installation and make it enjoy even for beginners in camping.

Now, I enjoy camping three to four times a year, I look forward to purchasing a little camping gear each year. This time, I purchased a cooler box and a lantern. In my next article, I will introduce the cooler bag I purchased, the Hyper Below Zero Cooler from Logos.


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