Buddy Golf Club Episode D 9 ATTAS 4U-6 X Driver

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  • Item Name
  • Buddy / Episode D 9

  • Condition
  • As it can be used without problems. Good Condition.

  • Clubs
  • 1W

  • Shaft
  • Name : ATTAS 4U-6
    Flex : X

  • Note
  • Loft Angle : 9.0*
    Balance : D-2
    Weight : 312g
    Length : 45.25 inches
    *** Episode series development concept ***

    Needless to say, BUDDY wants to be a truly trusted one for players who fight the course.

    Everything started here.

    - A stress-free square "face" when addressing.
    - And a "face" with a well-balanced club face not found in other manufacturers.
    - In addition to the flight distance, feel, hitting sound, and measured values, the most important thing is the "face".

    In the first place, the etymology and origin of my partner is...
    It is said to be derived from the stick of the basket in the Edo period.
    He said that he was a partner because he carried the ends of the stick in pairs.
    From that point on, it seems that the other person when they cooperate and do things is called a partner.

    Two people work together to do things
    BUDDY and MTƒ¿ want to be one such thing.

    And I would like BUDDY to consult with a golf studio with reliable craftsmen nationwide and insert a shaft that matches the player.
    1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = (head) (shaft) (grip) (socket) is simply = 4 (club), but a craftsman who can make it 5 or 6 is a BUDDY dealer.

    Assembly that maximizes the player's sensibility is really important.

    Then, try to fight with "BUDDY" and "MTa" to your heart's content on the golf course of nature.

    Keeping that feeling strongly, the "BUDDY" Episode Series will continue.

    *** Item Indroduction ***

    Episode D : It is a driver that pursues overwhelming straightness.
    Episode G : It is a driver that thoroughly pursues a strong trajectory.

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