The official name of JLPGA is "Japan Ladies Professional Golfers' Association".

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The Women's Club was established in 1967 by the Professional Golfers'Association of Japan (JPGA), and became independent in 1974, and the Professional Golfers' Association of Japan (JLPGA) was established.

It was established for the purpose of promoting the sound development of the women's professional golf industry by improving the quality of women professional golfers and providing research and guidance on golf techniques, rules, and etiquette, thereby contributing to the physical and mental improvement of the nation and international goodwill.

The business content is diverse.
As of 2022, it is operated by dividing it into the following five divisions.

1. Tournament Division
・ Golf competition, tournament planning, management, etc.
・ Holding and sponsoring games by female professional golfers.
2. Golf Division
・Qualification of female professional golfers and golf instructors, and improvement of their qualifications.
・Management and operation of golf courses, driving ranges and golf schools.
Planning, development, production, and sales of ・golf equipment, golf-related products, and original goods.
3. Business Strategy Department
・Research, study, and guidance on golf techniques, rules, and etiquette.
4. Media Management Department
・Planning, production and publication of publications.
・Acquisition, licensing, transfer and management of intangible property rights such as copyrights, neighboring rights, portrait rights, trademark rights, design rights and broadcasting rights.
5. administration division
・Various operations of the organization.

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