[NEW] Golf Ball HANABI MYHANABI H2 Dozen Japan

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Item Details
  • Item Name

  • Sales Unit
  • Dozen

  • Color Variation
  • White/Silver / Pink/Silver / Yellow/Silver

  • Material / Cover
  • Ionomer

  • Ball Number
  • 00/11/77/88

  • Structure
  • 3 Pieces (2 Core / 1 Cover)

  • Impact Feeling
  • Soft

  • Head Speed
  • All Range

  • Country of Origin
  • Japan

  • Note
  • -Innovative non-circular dimples born from the pursuit of "flying".
    The biggest feature of MYHANABI is this innovative dimple. (Patented) Compared to conventional round dimples, it reduces air resistance and increases flight distance. In addition, by reducing air resistance, side spin is reduced and straightness is improved.

    MYHANABI H2 has been changed to 3 pieces while keeping the "non-circular dimples" that reduce air resistance and improve straightness. Pursuing the skill of Japanese craftsmen and Japan quality, it became MADE IN JAPAN. In addition, the feeling becomes softer, and women and seniors with slow head speeds can also feel the increased flight distance.

    The non-circular "Hanabi Dimple", which was devised by concentrating the wisdom of aerodynamics, makes the air flow more leeward by making it oval, reduces air resistance and extends the flight distance. This principle has been patented worldwide.

    "Hanabi Dimple" receives the air flow diagonally and moves the separation boundary area to the leeward side to reduce air resistance and increase the flight distance of the ball. In addition, there is little side spin, and it corresponds to all swings with a powerful response.

    Not to mention the unique beautiful dimple pattern, bright colors can be used all season. The surface of MYHANABI H2 is a little rough compared to a normal golf ball. That is exactly the proof that the edge of Hanabi dimples is working.

    Only by making the edges stand out will the ability to reduce air resistance be fully demonstrated. If this becomes smooth, the effect will not be fully obtained. As with other balls, the final coating is applied, so the durability against scratches and dirt is comparable to ordinary balls.

  • Carrier
  • EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

  • Handling Time
  • Around 5 Business Days